Our Story

We heal ailing tea estates back to health and beauty.

Our Estates

From the Darjeeling Himalayas to the Brahmaputra Valley, in Assam we have the finest tea estates crafting exquisite teas.

Our Teas

Our teas are recognized by their signature style and substance.

Our Tea Tour

Happy Valley welcomes you to experience the history and tradition of the region by witnessing the process of making Darjeeling Tea.

Our ever growing family

Born into the tea culture, we have blended traditional values with modern technology and practices. Today, we are known internationally for our exquisite quality of Teas cultivated at our Heritage Tea Gardens in Darjeeling namely Ambootia, Chongtong, Happy Valley, Monteviot, Moondakotee, Nagri, Rungmook Cedar, Rangaroon, Pandam and Aloobari; and Cherideo Purbat in Assam.