Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates Private Limited

Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates Private Limited (DOTEPL) is founded on the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability. It is a pioneer and leader in the field of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture.  The  Group owns and operates 10 tea estates in Darjeeling and 1 tea estate in Assam

DOTEPL is  famous for producing  exclusive Demeter Certified biodynamic and organic teas which are  exported all over the world. The Group is an integrated tea producer that cultivates, processes,  packages, and markets its teas.  The product range includes the famed black, green and white teas from the lush green gardens of Darjeeling and Assam along with a wide range of specialty  teas.

The company excels in reviving sick tea estates and bringing livelihood and sustainability to the workers  and their families residing  on the farms. Decades of rich experience with tea has brought about the weaving together of  cultural values with modern technology and practices.

Today the company is known not only for the quality of its tea but the sustainable methods employed to bring many a cheerful cups to tea enthusiasts, across the globe.

Our People

To us, it is Life which is sacrosanct. Mutual affection and a sense of caring make for a happy family. Well-being of each member of the DOTEPL family is our prime concern. We are sensitive and committed to their welfare.

Our Cultivation

At our farms we keep our ear close to the earth, listening and learning, working in rhythm with nature and creating a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. We follow the organic and the bio-dynamic method of agriculture which infuses the bushes with vitality and enhances the inherent quality of the leaf that makes the celebrated Darjeeling teas.


Sustainability for us is continuity, developing the present with a responsibility towards the coming generations. We maintain and practice a culture at our farms that preserves the environment, is socially conscious and is supportive of economic development.

Certifications & Recognitions