The misty himalayan hills of Darjeeling cradle our farms, the home of the finest Darjeeling teas. The crisp mountain air, the warm sun and the pure water from the gurgling streams infuse the tea bushes with the goodness of nature. The tender leaves are carefully hand plucked by skillful workers and processed with care and attention. The well twisted elegant teas carry the lore of the Darjeeling flavour to lands far and wide. The light, bright liquor with a delicate ‘bouquet’ flavour has charmed tea connoisseurs across time and places.

Our farms are known for the traditional black tea, favoured for its brisk, flowery flavour and the green tea is remembered for its mellow, sweet taste. Our tea makers’ experience and creativity come together to produce a variety of speciality teas that are appreciated for their distinctive character.

Darjeeling teas are celebrated for their exclusive character and reputed muscatel flavour. A unique combination of climate, soil and location gives Darjeeling teas its exceptional flavour which is nonpareil. For this distinction Darjeeling word and logo are registered as the first GI product from India under the Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999. Darjeeling tea is the first product from India to be registered under the EC Regulation 510/2006.

Our tea estates in Assam are in the quality belt of Golaghat and Sibsagar region, the CTC (curl-tear-cut) teas from here are sought for its strong cup and malty character.  The whole leaf orthodox teas are liked for the full bodied and brisk cup.


In and around this picturesque setting, sheltered by the mighty snow-capped Kanchenjunga peak, lie the tea gardens producing tea unequalled anywhere in the world – the DARJEELING tea. No other tea anywhere in the world has its delicate muscatel flavour, rich aroma and exquisite bouquet. No wonder connoisseurs round the world call it the ‘Champagne of Teas’.

Darjeeling Tea
Dotepl Assam Tea


Assam produces 425 million kilograms of tea annually, more than any other country except China. ASSAM tea is known for its strong, bright and full-bodied liquor. It is favoured the world over by those who love their cup strong.

The rich alluvial soil along the banks of the river Brahmaputra and the suitable climatic conditions lend themselves ideally to tea cultivation.

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